Graduate School of Education

Clinical Psychology Course

Clinical Psychology Chair, in collaboration with the Praxis and Research Center for Clinical Psychology and Education (Collaborating Chair), promotes professional education and training for psychological assessment and psychotherapy, as well as empirical and theoretical research on psychotherapeutic modalities. The chair offers the Course of Educational Training of Clinical Supervision, the first doctoral program of its kind in Japan, for clinical practitioners to conduct theoretical and empirical research on instruction and supervision methods in clinical practice.

Faculty Directory

Program Specific Assist. Prof. Kyoko TOYOHARA


Clinical psychology, image, psychic reality

Program Specific Assist. Prof. Yuta NAGATANI

Junior Assoc. Prof. Kotaro UMEMURA

Clinical psychology, psychotherapy for adolescents, somatization

Assoc. Prof. Minako NISHI

Clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, history of psychoanalysis

Prof. Kosuke TSUIKI (Institute for Research in Humanities)

Lacanian psychoanalysis

Prof. Yasuhiro TANAKA

Jungian psychology, archetypal psychology, clinical psychology

Prof. Toshio KAWAI (Kyoto University Institute for the Future of Human Society)

Jungian psychology, archetypal psychology, clinical psychology


Clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychological assessment, family psychology