Global Engagement

Global Education Office


Launched in April 2017, the Global Education Office, as a research hub for interdisciplinary education, is driven by a mission to nurture tomorrow’s leaders who are equipped with a progressive, innovative, and global mindset.

The office has two major functions. The Creative Research and Development Branch is to develop Japanese models of educational culture and to respond to new innovative areas. The International Education Branch supports implementation and development of international education curricula. This effort will be made possible through extensive collaboration with domestic and international partners in academia and industries.

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Prof. Keita TAKAYAMA

Research focus: Comparative & international education, globalisation of education policy, decolonisation of educational knowledge and research

takayama.keita.7w[ at |

Junior Assoc. Prof. Sachi ANDO

Research focus: Social work, immigrant well-being, internationalization of professional and higher education

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