Graduate School
of Education

Affiliated Centers and Facilities

Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy

Initially founded in 1953, the center acquired a full accreditation status from MEXT in April 1980, as the first outpatient counseling service center of its kind in national universities. The center has played a leading role in professional psychological training through outpatient services specialized in assessment and treatment of a variety of psychological concerns in people from all walks of life. In 2017, more than 60 staff, primarily advanced graduate students supervised by our faculty members and practicing clinicians, served more than 3,700 hours or 250 cases.

Center for Collaboration in Innovation and Educational Practice

Established in April 2007, the center organizes cross-disciplinary teams to find solutions for issues surrounding education through the lens of two axes: nurturing vitality (psychological aspects) and competencies (academic aspects).

E.FORUM is a platform where education professionals, educationalists, and others sharing an interest in education gather, interact, and work towards mutually improving educational competencies.

Graduate School and Faculty of Education Library

The library owns more than 187,000 books and 3,200 journals in various fields, including clinical, cognitive, developmental, and educational psychology, as well as sociology, philosophy, and library science (as of April 2018).