Sociology of Education Chair consists of two courses:

Education and Culture Studies Course

  • Cultural sociology, historical sociology
  • Social research, empirical sociology
  • Media culture studies, library and information sciences

Comparative Educational Policy Studies Course

  • Comparative education
  • Educational administration
  • Cultural policy and community education

Prof. Kyoko INAGAKI

Sociology of education, historical sociology of student culture, sociology of culture

E-Mail: inagaki


Prof. Hachiro IWAI

Sociology of life course, quantitative research methods, social stratification and mobility


Prof. Hirotaka NANBU

Comparative education, higher education in East Asia


Prof. Mayuko SANO

Cultural policy, history of cultural exchange, cultural history of diplomacy


Prof. Takumi SATO

Mass communication and the public sphere, historical sociology of political education, comparative media studies in information societies

E-Mail: sato


Prof. Hitoshi SUGIMOTO

Comparative education, international educational relations, education in Southeast Asia, value education and curriculum



Assoc. Prof. Kenji HATTORI

Educational administration, higher education



Assoc. Prof. Takeshi OKABE

Sociology of education, sociology of crime and deviance, criminology


Assoc. Prof. Rio TAKEUCHI

Sociology of education, historical sociology, sociology of culture


Junior Assoc. Prof. Yusuke FUKUI

Library and information science, public libraries in Japan, intellectual freedom in libraries


Assist. Prof. Kento SHIINA

“champ littéraire” among Japanese novelists and poets from the late Meiji to the early Showa era