Education and Human Sciences Chair studies education and human beings from diverse perspectives. Research agendas are wide ranging, including but not limited to theory building for curriculum development and instructional designs, pedagogy and educational assessment, historical analyses of education, empirical studies on human minds and brain development, philosophical investigations into social and global issues, and education studies on cultural aspects including arts, religions, and customs.

Prof. Takeshi KOMAGOME

Japanese history of education, history of Japanese colonial education, post-colonial studies



Prof. Masako MYOWA

Development of social cognition, comparative cognitive science, mother-infant relationship



Prof. Tadashi NISHIHIRA

Life-cycle studies, philosophy and psychology of spirituality


Prof. Kanae NISHIOKA

Curriculum development, classroom instruction, educational assessment



Prof. Shoko SUZUKI

Pedagogy, philosophy of education


Assoc. Prof. Tomoko TANAKA

Japanese modern history, history of higher education institution


Assoc. Prof. Yuzo HIROSE

Philosophy of education, moral education, pedagogical anthropology


Assoc. Prof. Terumasa ISHII

Curriculum development, classroom instruction, educational assessment



Assoc. Prof. Jeremy RAPPLEYE

Sociology and philosophy of education in comparative perspectives


Assoc. Prof. Naoko SAITO

Philosophy of education, American philosophy


Assoc. Prof. Niels VAN STEENPAAL

Japanese (intellectual) history of education, media history, moral culture