The Graduate School and the Faculty of Education conduct:

  1.     Research and training in educational sutudies at the graduate level
  2.     Undergraduate teaching in education
  3.     Certification programs for secondary school teachers, adult education specialists and librarians
  4.     In-service training for school teachers 

The Graduate School is made up of two Divisions:

    Educational Studies, which consists of seven Chairs

    Clinical Studies of Education, which consists of four 


Chairs -contents-


Division of Educational Studies

  • Chair of Pedagogy
  • Chair of Curriculum & Instruction and Life-Span Development
  • Chair of Higher Education Research and Development (offered by the Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education)
  • Chair of Cognitive Psychology in Education (HP)
  • Chair of Comparative Educational Policies
  • Chair of Sociology of Education
  • Chair of Lifelong Education and Libraries 

Division of Clinical Studies of Education

  • Chair of Clinical Pedagogy
  • Chair of Clinical Psychology
  • Chair of Educational Training of Clinical Psychologist
  • Chair of Clinical Studies of Psychology 

Dvisions -details-

Chair of Pedagogy

The Chair offers lectures on such subjects as introduction to pedagogy, outline history of education, methodology of pedagogy and educational history, and seminars in pedagogy and educational history.

SUZUKI, Shoko (Professor)

Pedagogy, Philosophy of education

KOMAGOME, Takeshi (Professor)

Japanese history of education, History of Japanese colonial education, Post-colonial studies


TANAKA, Tomoko (Associate Professor)

Japanese Modern History, History of the Institutions of Higher Education

 VAN STEENPAAL Niels (Associate Professor)

Japanese (intellectual) history of education, Media history, Moral culture

HIROSE, Yuzo (Associate Professor)

Philosophy of education, Moral education, Pedagogical anthropology

Chair of Curriculum & Instruction and Life-Span Development

This Chair offers the folloing programs. Studies on Curriculum &Instruction deal with curriculum development, designs of teaching and learning, plans of extra curricular activities, educational assessment etc. Studies on Human Development deal with theories of life-span developmental psychology, cultural representations, narrative psychology, life stories, developmental disability, cognitive development.

  • Periodicals : “Kyoiku Hoho no Tankyu” (Research on Curriculum, Instruction, and Human Development, annual, 1997-) 

MYOWA-YAMAKOSHI, Masako (Professor)

Development of social cognition, Comparative cognitive science, Mother-infant relationship

NISHIOKA, Kanae (Professor)

Curriculum development, Evaluation and assessment, Classroom instruction

ISHII, Terumasa (Associate Professor)

Curriculum development, Classroom instruction, Educational assessment

MORIGUCHI, Yusuke (Associate Professor)

Developmental Cognitive Science, Developmental Psychology, Self-control, Imagination

BUTLER, David (Program-Specific Assistant Professor)

Assistant Professor of the Center of Innovation
Neuroscience, Developmental and comparative psychology, Development and evolution of the social mind

Chair of Cognitive Psychology in Education

The research activities of the Chair cover a wide range of subjects in cognitive psychology, which focuses on educational phenomena using observational, experimental and questionnaire methods. Current research topics are: Perspective-taking ability and “theory of mind” in young children, nonverbal communication in humans, recognition of facial expressions, metaphor comprehension, expertise and practical intelligence, working memory and others.

KUSUMI, Takashi (Professor)

Thinking and language, Human learning and memory 

YOSHIKAWA, Sakiko (Professor of Kokoro Research Center)

Social perception, Communication 

SAITO, Satoru (Professor)

Human memory, Speech production, Executive Control 

MANALO, Emmanuel (Professor)

Educational psychology, Cognitive psychology

NOMURA, Michio (Associate Professor)

Emotion, Gene and environment interaction 

NOZAKI, Yuki (Program-Specific Senior Lecturer)

Lecturer of the Design School
Emotion, Social-emotional ability, Assessment

Chair of Sociology of Education

The Chair has emphasized both theoretical and empirical studies on education and society. The Chair covers a range of research topics in sociology of education such as educational credentialism, education and social class, teaching profession, socialization theory, and family change. Graduate students are required to attend the advanced research seminar.

  • Periodicals : “Kyoiku, Shakai, Bunka” (Socio-Cultural Studies of Education, annual, 1994-)

INAGAKI, Kyoko (Professor)

Sociology of education, Historical sociology of student culture, Sociology of culture

IWAI, Hachiro (Professor)

Sociology of the life course, Quantitative research methods, Social stratification and mobility

TAKEUCHI, Rio (Associate Professor)

Sociology of education, Historical sociology, Sociology of culture

OKABE, Takeshi (Associate Professor)

Sociology of education, Sociology of crime and deviance, Criminology

Chair of Lifelong Education and Libraries

The Chair also offers such programs as are required for the certification of adult education directors, professional librarians, and school media specialists.

SATO, Takumi (Professor)

Mass communication and the public sphere, Historical sociology of political education, Comparative media-studies in information societies

FUKUI, Yusuke (Lecturer)

Library and information science, Public libraries in Japan, Intellectual freedom in libraries

TANEMURA, Fumitaka (Assistant Professor)

Adult and community education, Professional education, Adult and continuing education, Lifelong learning


Chair of Comparative Educational Politics

The Chair consists of two sub-Chairs: Comparative Education, and Educational Policy Studies. The course of comparative education focuses on educational phenomena beyond national boundaries, or on educational problems in multiethnic societies, including Japan itself. The course of educational policy studies focuses on political, administrative, financial, and legal aspects of education.

  • Periodicals : “Kyoiku Gyozaisei Ronso” (Reviews in Educational Administration and Finance, annual, 1982-): “Ajia Kyoiku Kenkyu Hokoku” (Asian Educational Study Monographs, annual, 1999-) 

SUGIMOTO, Hitoshi (Professor)

Comparative education, International educational relations, Education in Southeast Asia, Values education and curriculum

NANBU, Hirotaka (Professor)

Comparative education, Higher education in East Asia

HATTORI, Kenji (Associate Professor)

Educational administration, Higher education

Chair of Clinical Pedagogy

The Chair is concerned with the study of the processes and forms of human growth and transformation. Its methodologies are anthoropological and philosophical, focused mainly on literature study. The Chair thus aims to interpret clinical pedagogy through anthropology and philosophy in such a way as to develop innovative research practice in the study of human beings.

  • Periodicals: “Rinsho Kyoiku Ningengaku” (Annual Report of Clinical Pedagogy and Anthropology, annual, 1999-)

YANO, Satoji (Professor)

Anthropological study of education, Creativity of human beings

NISHIHIRA, Tadashi (Professor)

Lifecycle studies, Philosophy and psychology of spirituality

SAITO, Naoko (Associate Professor)

Philosophy of education, American philosophy

RAPPLEY, Jeremy (Associate Professor)

Sociology and Philosophy of Education in Comparative Perspective

ZHU, Ye (Assistant Professor)

Linguistic Philosophy, Post-Structuralism and American Philosophy

Chair of Clinical Psychology

This Chair consists of three main sections, clinical psychology, the psychology of human development, and the psychology of clinical praxis. The Chair is accredited as one of the postgraduate schools for certificated clinical psychologists by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologist.

  • Periodicals :”Rinsho Shinri Jirei Kenkyu” (Annual Report of Institute for Psychotherapy, Kyoto University, annual, 1974-)

KUWABARA, Tomoko (Professor)

Psychotherapy, Clinical psychology, Personality psychology

KAWAI, Toshio (Professor of Kokoro Research Center)

Jungian psychology, Archetypal psychology, Clinical psychology

TANAKA, Yasuhiro (Associate Professor)

Jungian psychology, Archetypal psychology, Clinical psychology

TSUIKI, Kosuke (Associate Professor of Institute for Research in Humanities)

Lacanian psychoanalysis

TAZUKE, Kohei (Program-Specific Assistant Professor)

Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy, A viewpoint of development

MINAMOTO, Asami (Program-Specific Assistant Professor)

Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy, Play therapy, Playfulness

Chair of Educational Training of Clinical Psychologist

The purpose of this Chair is to study the system of the educational training of clinical psychologist through various kinds of the practice of psychotherapy. This Chair offers an advanced educational courses of the certified clinical psychologists who renewed their license.

KAITO, Akira (Professor)

Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy with drawing technique

TAKAHASHI, Yasue (Associate Professor)

Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessment, Family psychology


Chair of Clinical Studies of Psychology

The purpose of this Chair is to study the practice and the theory of psychotherapy, and through the practice of psychotherapy, to study the nature of human being and human formation. The Chair offers courses such as a seminar on case studies, a seminar on problems in psychotherapy, a seminar on intake and terminated cases, a seminar on clinical observation, a seminar on school counseling.

OKANO, Kenichiro (Professor)

Clinical psychology, Psychodynamic therapy

MATSUSHITA, Himeka (Associate Professor)

Clinical psychology, Image, Psychic reality

CHIBA, Yurika (Program-Specific Assistant Professor)

Assistant Professor of the Praxis and Research Center for Clinical Psychology and Education
Clinical psychology, Sandplay therapy, Image, Relation

Chair of Higher Education Research and Development (offered by the Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education)

The Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education offers this program. The courses are designed to cover various fields of higher education study such as development of teaching and learning systems, theory of learning, research on students and educational evaluation.

  • Periodicals : “Kyoto Daigaku Koto Kyoiku Kenkyu” (Kyoto University Researches in Higher Education, annual, 1995-

MATSUSHITA, Kayo (Professor)

Education methods, Theory of learning

IIYOSHI, Toru (Professor)

Educational innovation, Higher education systems

TAGUCHI, Mana (Associate Professor)

Educational technology

SAKAI, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)

Educational technology, Psychological acoustics

YAMADA, Tsuyoshi (Associate Professor)

Educational evaluation, Quality assurance

Areas (Research Associates)

HASHIMOTO, Atsushi (Assistant Professor, Area of Information Technology)

Human Computer Interaction, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Multimedia