lesson photoThe Faculty of Education aims at nurturing individuals with expert knowledge about hearts, minds, human beings, and society, through learning various ways to interpret diverse phenomena at the intersection of education and human society. More precisely, the faculty’s missions are to foster individuals who can contribute to the betterment of society through wider perspectives and profound understandings on human and social issues, critical thinking skills, and a broad sense of humanity.

Undergraduate students enrolled in the Education Department choose one of the three specialty categories in their third year as they work toward their graduation thesis.

Studies in Educational Foundations

(Specialty Areas) Educational principles, educational philosophy, educational human studies, clinical education studies, educational history, pedagogy, curriculum theories, learning theories, student guidance theories, developmental education theories, lifelong developmental psychology, educational theories for children with disabilities

Educational Psychology

(Specialty Areas) Educational psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, personality psychology, media education, developmental psychology, child and adolescent psychology, psychology of people with disabilities, social psychology, educational assessment and evaluation

Interdisciplinary Studies of Educational Systems

(Specialty Areas) Sociology of education, sociology of culture, historical sociology, sociology of crime and deviance, social research, social education, media culture theories, cultural policy, community education, library science, comparative pedagogy, educational administration, educational systems