The Graduate School and the Faculty of Education conduct:

  1. Research and training in educational studies at the graduate leves.
  2. Undergraduate teaching in education.
  3. Certification programs for secondary school teachers, adult education specialists and librarians.
  4. In-service training for school teachers.

The Graduate School is made up of two Divisions: Educattional Studies, which consists of seven Chairs, Clinical Education, which consists of four divisons.


Graduate School of Education

Division of Educational Studies

  • Chair of Pedagogy
  • Chair of Curriculum & Instruction and Life-span Development
  • Chair of Higher Education Research and Development
    (offerd by the Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education)
  • Chair of Cognitive Psychology in Education (HP)
  • Chair of Comparative Educational Policies
  • Chair of Sociology of Education
  • Chair of Lifelong Education and Libraries

Division of Clinical Studies of Education

  • Chair of Clinical Pedagogy
  • Chair of Clinical Psychology
  • Chair of Educational Training of Clinical Psychologist
  • Chair of Clinical Studies of Psychology



Number of teaching staff (April 2012)
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
16 15 5



Number of students (April 2012)
Master’s Program

83 (incl. 7 from abroad)

Doctoral Program

112 (incl. 9 from abroad)






The Graduate School of Education issues an annual research bulletin, ”Kyoto Daigaku Kyoikugaku Kenkyuka Kiyo” (”Kyoto University Research Studies in Education”) with contributions by the School’s teaching staff and graduate students. In addition, several journals are published by the Chairs or their subunits. 


Praxis and Research Center for Clinical Psychology and Education

The Praxis and Research Center for Clinical Psychology and Education was established in 1997 to conduct studies in clinical psychology and education. In addition to a Psychological Clinic, the Center has four Chairs:

  1.     Science of Psychotherapy
  2.     Clinical Studies of Human Formation
  3.     Social Environment
  4.     Studies of Training for Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Clinic. 

Periodicals : ”Rinsho Kyoiku Jissen Senta Kiyo”, (The Annual Bulletin of Praxis and Research Center for Clinical Psychology and Education, annual, 1997-)